FFC Committee (2014-15)


Peter S CrabbPeter S Crabb


I took up flying in 2008 having had a hankering to do so most of my life (I wanted to be a commercial pilot when in my teens but that didn't work out .......... long story!!). I learned to fly the Grob, my first lesson was 2nd May 2008 and I passed my Skills Test 10th December that year. I'm also a member of the G-BKUE syndicate, which makes for some great social flying - so far having been to places like Islay, Prestwick, Campbeltown, Plockton, Oban, Inverness, etc., etc. I'm very much a social flyer - i.e. I like flying with other people (I get bored by myself) so if you ever fancy a pootle in G-UE, give me a shout. 


Chris AndersonChris Anderson


Having first learned to fly on C150s at Perth with the Air Cadets in the 1960s I flew a Jodel D117 at Inverness for a few months but then let my PPL lapse. However I came back to flying at Fife and revalidated my licence in 1996. I rent Club aircraft, preferring the Warrior so I was delighted when ‘Kilo Sierra’ arrived at Fife. Over the years I have flown to Islay, Oban, Plockton, Inverness, Fishburn nr Durham, Kirkbride and several places in between. I've recently retired so I have more time to get involved in the Club ..... and I’m keen to get more airfields in my log book!


Mark BoyleMark Boyle


Born and raised in the West Coast - Argyll (Not Glasgow which is in the middle of the country!) I moved to Edinburgh in 2000. I got married to Gayle in 2003 and we had a son, Aran in 2008. We live in Kirkliston as it's near the Airport and it's handy for the bridge across to Fife too! I started my PPL training at Perth in 2004 when Tayside were still operating there, moved training to Fife airport when they stopped. I gained my PPL in 2006 and have been flying in hired Tayside aircraft ever since!


Jim MillarJim Millar

I've been passionate about aviation since I was five, and Dad introduced me to a big white Sunderland flying boat in Trincomalee harbour. I followed the usual route of aero modelling and plane spotting, and even a short dalliance with gliding in my younger days.

I'd always wanted to fly, but commitments to work, family, (and mortgage!) meant that time and disposable income never coincided. I finally resolved that problem nine years ago, and qualified at Fife. My passion for all things aviation remains as strong as ever, especially since I achieved my long term career goal of retirement!


Alex SmithAlex Smith

Born and raised in Edinburgh, I've had a variety of jobs too many to mention, my longest being a Police officer, retiring a Sergeant.

I was absolutely petrified of flying, until I was given a A.E.F. at Edinburgh, that was it. I was hooked and cured of my fear of flying.

I gained my N.P.P.L. in November 2009when I was 65 and I am a syndicate member of the lovely wee 152, Tango Foxtrot, but I am biased. Moved to Glenrothes from Edinburgh in 2011, to be nearer my son, just happens to be near the airfield.


Scott MackintoshScott Mackintosh







Calum WalkerCalum Walker

I took up flying at the age of 18, now three and a half years later I am soon to be starting my commercial training. Bring it on! Have had a passion for flying all my life, lucky enough to travel a lot when I was younger meaning a lot of planes. Favourite I have travelled on was the jumbo until I came face to face with the A380 through the window at Sydney Airport traveling back to Dubai the Glasgow with Emirates.

Fife has a place in my heart being where I learnt to fly, worked for Tayside Aviation since 2013, been challenging at times but loved every minute. Always happy to take passengers if I am heading of on another one of my hour building trips....always like to see people's faces when they have never been up in a light aircraft before.







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