AOPA NewslettersWhy should you join AOPA?

AOPA represents and promotes members interests to Government, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), EU Commission, Eurocontrol and to National Air Traffic Services.



Exclusive AOPA benefits include:

  • Initial FREE legal advice. Each year a growing number of PPL holders are prosecuted by the CAA: on whom will your rely for help?
  • Initial FREE medical advice
  • A photo-embossed international air crew card for Two Year membership showing the holders photo, Pilots licence number and AOPA membership number. This assists pilots in security areas and in obtaining various negotiable discounts
  • Discounted insurance for personal accident, aircraft cover, flying instructors liability and travel through BESSO Limited a leading London based brokerage which has been in partnership with AOPA since 1995
  • Tailored advice on aircraft purchases to suit individuals needs
  • Award winning General Aviation magazine that keeps you right up to date with the world of GA
  • Access to members area on the AOPA website at
  • Access to NOTAMS and Met information through the AOPA website
  • AOPA Forum - for advice and comments from fellow pilots and AOPA members
  • The Lottery 700 Club

Fife Flying Club and Tayside Aviation are proud to be corporate members of AOPA and we are pleased to reproduce AOPA Newsletters and hope you find them interesting and will look into personal AOPA membership.


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