Neil MacAuley (Scottish Gliding Centre)

"Gliding - Freedom in the Air"

Friday 25th April 2014


Tipsy Nipper, Fife Airport

Our next Club Night is on Friday 25th April at 7.30pm in the Tipsy Nipper at Fife Airport when Neil MacAuley from Portmoak will give us some insights into the world of gliding ..... that strange experience of being up in the air without the "normal" racket being churned out from somewhere in front of us.

Neil's going to take us through what gliding's all about, how it works, the sort of stuff that a glider pilot needs to train for and know about to be able to stay up in the air with nothing but air currents to work with. He'll also tell us about cross country gliding (which is no mean skill) and some of his (and others) experiences.

We're all familiar with (or learning about) flying powered aircraft but working with nothing but wind, air currents, thermals, etc. requires a whole different range of training and skills so do come along on Friday evening and hear what Neil has to tell us.

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