Commonwealth Games

"Airspace Restrictions"

Jim Watt (Tayside Aviation)

Fife Airport : 17th June 2014

Dundee Airport : 18th June 2014

This summer’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will be subject to airspace security restrictions, which will be operational between 13th July and 6th August 2014 affecting flights taking place in and around Glasgow.

There will be a small Prohibited Zone around the main Games’ venues, surrounded by a larger RestrCommonwealth Games (2014)icted Zone, into which General Aviation aircraft can fly providing they have “notified” the flight with air traffic control at least two hours before they take-off. This Restricted Zone will be subject to capacity constraints and so pilots may be required to delay their flight.

Additional restrictions will be implemented affecting Commonwealth Games’ events taking place outside Glasgow, such as the Triathlon in Strathclyde Country Park, the Road Cycle race at Muirhead, the diving in Edinburgh and the shooting events at Barry Buddon.

Jim Watt (Tayside Aviation) will be holding a series of briefings on these restrictions and what they will mean for those of us planning flying in or around the Central Scotland area during the period of the Games.

  • Tipsy Nipper, Fife Airport ..... 27th May and 17th June @ 7.30pm
  • Tayside Aviation, Dundee Airport ..... 28th May and 18th June @ 6.30pm

Anyone intending to fly during this period should attend one of these briefings to ensure they fully understand what’s required in terms of flight planning and notification.

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