Club Night (Club Members' Trips ... including "Curry & Pint")

Thursday 23rd October 2014


The Tipsy Nipper, Fife Airport

We are having a club night on the 23rd October where we are inviting YOU to come along and tell us about things you have done, that might be of help or use to other members.

We've also decided to make this a "Curry & Pint" Night ..... £6.00 gets you a plateful of curry and a pint of something refreshing (any subsequent pints are your own affair!).

So far we have Alastair Shaw coming to tell us how he got his US FAA licence - easy to do if you have a UK PPL, but you need to go to the US and prove that you can speak English ... In addition Alastair might be persuaded to show some of his GoPro videos, shot while flying in the Fife Cessna, G-BITF.

Mark Boyle may also regale us with his tales of flying in the USA (it is cheaper than the UK by miles and a great thing to do whilst on holiday over there).

Others will be there to give advice - e.g. how do you get to Longside, north of Aberdeen, when you have to negotiate the Aberdeen control area? What is flying in the Vale of York area of intense aerial activity like? How would you go about hiring an aircraft at another airfield? What is owning an aircraft in a syndicate like? How would you start a syndicate?

All these and many other topics up for discussion - and it will be a good opportunity for a get-together and a blether with the added attraction of some food and drink.

Do any of you have anything that you would like to talk about? Have you done anything slightly different, like flying around all the airfields in the Orkneys? Flown to Shetland? Got lots of good photos of your trips to show?

Let Alan Laing know and we'll get you some time on the evening to tell the others about it ..... please either leave a post in the Discussion Forum or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let him know.

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