Fly-Out (Lunch in Oban)

Saturday 28th March 2015

10.30am - Fife Airport

We’re going to have another crack at a trip out west to Oban. Oban is a little over an hour's flying time from Fife ..... sometimes a little more depending on which direction the wind's blowing.

The plan is to meet up at Fife around 10.30am, sort ourselves out and get in the air as soon after 11.00am as possible. Once we get to Oban, the Lochnell Arms Hotel is right at the end of the runway (approx. 10 mins walk from the terminal building) where we'll grab a bite to eat before heading back to Fife.

We've got at least one Warrior booked for the trip so this is an ideal opportunity for students (and pilots), to brush up on nav. skills or just experience a bit of cross-country fun.

All in all, fly-outs are a great opportunity to meet new club members and even get to fly in a type of aircraft different to what you normally fly so this should be a great day out for both pilots and passengers alike.

So, if you’d like to come along .....

Places on these trips are dependent on there being sufficient aircraft, pilots and spare seats available therefore we’ve put a Booking Sheet up on the notice board in the portacabin at Fife.

If you’re a pilot and would like to fly at least one leg (i.e. there or back) please add your name to the “Pilot” column. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to come as a passenger, please add your name to the “Passenger” column.

Once we know how many aircraft & pilots we have, we’ll confirm seating availability on a “first come, first served” basis (sorry but it’s just not possible to sit extra people outside on the wings ... it causes too much drag!).

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