New Hiring Arrangements

G-FIFETo maximise aircraft availability and flying opportunities there are changes to the pre-flight authorisation procedure to enable reinstatement of Monday and Tuesday hiring.

The changes should cut down unwanted time spent on the ground with the requirement to be authorised and ‘signed out’ by an instructor no longer necessary changes to procedures have been introduced to help maintain the safe and legal operation of the aircraft.

A simple process has been devised to facilitate the quick and easy access to aircraft:

  • On arrival an Aircraft Release to Service form, should be completed and checked.
  • A printed off copy of your mass and balance will be required (a printer will be available).
  • The release to service form and mass and balance should be handed to a member of the operations staff who will also quickly check your log book.
  • The PIC shall fill out the Tech Log as normal and complete the authorisation form including initialling.

On Mondays and Tuesdays the same procedures should be adhered to however the forms should be handed to Julia Grant or Jim Peebles who will also verify that the 6 week criteria is met.

Before you hire on these days it is requested that you see Craig, David or Shona to for a one-off brief outlining the hazards and idiosyncrasies involved in opening hangar doors and pulling aircraft in and out.

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