Paramedic First Aid Course Night

Thursday 26th April 2012 (7.00pm for 7.15pm)

The Tipsy Nipper

Ever wondered what you'd do if someone next to you collapsed with a heart attack? Would you know what to do? Or would you look on helplessly in the hope that someone else might know what to do?

We've invited the Scottish Ambulance Service to visit us to talk about the Paramedic work that they do and they have offered to conduct a First Aid Course during the evening. The schedule will cover Heartstart and Basic First Aid and those attending and participating will be presented with a certificate.

We are delighted to be hosting the Ambulance Service on 26th April and in doing so offering the opportunity for Club Members to participate in the Heartstart Course. The course will take approximately 2 hours so please arrive early if possible, for a prompt start at 7.15pm.


Scottish Ambulance Service - Community Resilience

Scottish Ambulance ServiceThe Scottish Ambulance Service has developed a "Strategy for Community Resilience", something that can have important practical benefits for communities, patients, the NHS, and other community service providers:

  • better emergency outcomes and experience
  • less avoidable hospital admissions
  • better information and access to services
  • safer healthier communities due to preventive actions
  • self-development opportunities through volunteering, education and involvement

Developing resilience in the community will help the Service manage some of the major day-to-day challenges to delivering quality patient care in remote areas, in areas of high demand, and on growing population health problems.

One element of this strategy has been the creation of the Community Resuscitation Development Officer (CRDO), established in 2008 in a joint venture between the Service and the British Heart Foundation to help the community save lives by improving the chain of survival of people experiencing a "heart attack".

The Community Resuscitation Development Officer role is to:

  • develop and support "Community First Responder" volunteer schemes (There are now 121 schemes and over 950 volunteers across Scotland);
  • establish Public Access Defibrillators and provide community education about these;
  • develop links between "Community First Responder" schemes and local station staff;
  • train community members in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), via the "Heartstart" campaign, in partnership with the British Heart Foundation.


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