Glenrothes Fire Brigade

Thursday 17th May 2012 (7.15pm for 7.30pm)

The Tipsy Nipper

Glenrothes Fire Brigade will be giving a talk about their role in general, which will also include Water Rescue Techniques. A unit will be there to show off the vast array of equipment they carry and if time permits some this will be demonstrated.

Fire ServiceLast year, we hosted a very interesting evening at which "Red Watch" gave us both a talk and practical demonstration of some of their rescue techniques. We even managed to teach them something when, as they were demonstrating their cutting equipment on the remains of the Cessna out the back of Hanager 4, they cut through one of the cockpit pillars and asked what a certain pipe was for ..... "That's the fuel line!", we replied. In other words, they now know not to cut there and risk causing a fire instead of rescuing the occupants of the aircraft!

It just goes to show, nobody can ever claim to know everything!

We've enjoyed a very good relationship with Red Watch, not just at Club Events such as this but also at the Annual Bonfire Night when they've attended to provide fire cover during the bonfire and fireworks activities. We are delighted therefore to welcome them back again for what promises to be a very interesting and informative evening so please do make every effort to come along and show your support for the great work that they do.

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