Club Fly-Out - Inverness, Oban or Eshott

Saturday 2nd February 2013

We're planning a flyout with multiple venues, to try and outsmart the weather! We're targeting Eshot, Oban and Inverness, all roughly equdidistant, with the hope that at least one destination will have favourable weather.

This is an ideal opportunity for students (and pilots), to brush up on nav. skills. Tayside aircraft have been preliminary booked with airfield plates and nav. details provided on the day. Briefing is aimed for 09:00 with departure by 11:00. and return by sun down.

Fly-outs are a great opportunity to meet new club members and even get to fly in a type of aircraft different to what you normally fly. Please see instructors for details and booking.

Should be a good day out either as a pilot or passenger.

 Tayside Aviation




SkyDive St.Andrews


Fife Airport