Fly-Out (Islay, Inverness or Carlisle)

Saturday 6th April 2013


Following the success of the Oban fly-out, we have schedulled another "weather beater" fly out. Once again we have selected some alternative venues at various compass points, namely; Islay, Inverness, or Carlisle.

We will aim for April 6th but if the weather lets us down the 13th will be our backup date. So, students and pilots alike please pencil in these dates and look forward to a good outing.

Format will be the same as last time, meet at 09.00, confirm the destination, and depart by 11.00. As usual, use the thread on the website to organise seats, and Garrick, Mark, and Jim will update any further information, if required.
Please see instructors for availability of Tayside aircraft.

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